Free Text Chat Rooms For Decent Chat

If you are not in the state of mind to tune in or talk and prefer to enjoy the peace but still you need people to talk to, this is the right choice, desi Text chat room with no registration. Unlike other chat rooms at HHB, at text chatroom there is no voice or video chat. You may simply keep typing or sit back and enjoy watching the active chat invloving other users and make a comment now and then and make your time at desi chat HHB entertaining; also allow us to lift your daily pressure of work and the hustle of real life go away for some time and let you take a break and think clearer. To tune your frequency also doesn't quite mean you agitate somebody eles's!

Try to stay away from the alert areas, that is abusing or harassing other users merely for your amusement. Such conduct at our live text chat might get you permanently banished from our free chat since we like to pamper our users and would not permit any foul behaviour of misconduct and wrong doings. If you are being victimized or mistreated, you may report to the admins and get them completely out of the way from live textroom if they dont bother to mind themselves even after several warnings and mute timeout.