May 26, 2020
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Chat Rooms Online - Things to Check Before Joining

Online chat rooms

If you are looking to experience the most conductive and user friendly chat, you are in the right spot. The renders the best chat experience you ever had at any chat site before providing you with the exceptionally outlined chat rooms for all. Be it an old man to today's youth. The user interface of hihellobye is cordial and not misleading or deluding. It is designed to keep in mind the priorities of the users and for their easy approach towards several chat rooms we have at our chat site. is likewise simple for various piece of the world individuals to join the visit room of their nation since we have various chat rooms in light of nationality.

  • It is likewise simple for various piece of the world individuals to join the chat room of their nation since we have various chat rooms in light of nationality
  • We have separate radio option for the ease of our users who would simply want to tune into the radio alone and not join the online chat
  • Providing with lively and eye catchy blend of hues and classifications as indicated by the choice of the users, hihellobye provides numerous chat rooms for e.g. Pakistani chat rooms, Indian chat rooms, English chat rooms etc. up to your choice of interest.
  • Along with the best chat experience, HHB chat has also set up everyday statuses to meaningful videos, Thought of the Day to riddles and jokes every so often. Likewise welcoming the users with all the best on their religious festivity, in being a wellspring of inspiration for some who are far from their homes and friends and family.
  • To avoid any inconvenience , we have isolate radio for you to listen and enjoy work simultaneously without the compulsion to enter the chatrooms. In addition to the UI (user interface) you now have separate buttons to refresh your chat or the radio so as not to experience the aggravating issue of invigorating the entire page.
  • Additionally permitting the zoom in feature for you to open your preferred chatroom in full screen and better view.

Moderate Chat

To control the abusive users we have a team of fire brigades on rescue lead by Owner to Super Admins to Admins and Heads to deal with those frustrated from life abusive users or desperate spammers, similar to the ones who ring the doorbells of others and run away! (LOL :p )

  • Our admins utilize their supernatural powers to control the users who demonstrate they want to delineate regard and peculiarity, to gag/mute them by notice thrice and prevent them from sharing their own numbers and ids on the main chat to keep up their privacy and to make you secure.
  • On the other hand, if the user is 'terhi kheer' they would get a nice bottom kick (Latoon kay bhoot baaton say nahi mantay) and they go flying out the window. Henceforth, if they haven't learnt their lessons well, the admins make sure they should be banished as a whole from the chat room so that they do not infect other decent users with their venom or make them uncomfortable at our free online chat.
  • Award Time: On the basis of regular and standard conduct at our chat room; we also award the users with Diamond and Gold passes/titles where they are offered access to enjoy and explore numerous different features of our chat site and also showoff ;)

Live Shows

If you live abroad away from home due to work or education and feel burdened and lonely or if you miss the homie feeling of your dialect then this is the place for you where we have all nationalities live chat to defeat your pining to go home as we have:

  • Best Rjs scheduled 24/7 who conduct live shows, play songs, take requests and entertain you throughout; talk to you on live calls, take interviews or have a topic on discussion where you can participate and share your views and thoughts with us here at
  • Also we have occasional competitions and have fun packed entertainment planned for you
  • Ever dreamed of being a Radio Jockey at some point in your life? Our chat site furnish you this free online platform where you may contact the Head RJ and navigate to challenge your skills and satisfy your fantasies with free live chat.


Your privacy is our concern. Do not worry of what classified data you share in the PM (Private Message). We keep your details and activities secure neither do the moderators overlook in to your private chat nor you need not worry about your credentials even if you register yourself at our online chat.

  • The IP addresses of our users are highly confidential on the off chance of complaints by other users in case of harassment by the law enforcement authority
  • The details of a user's login time, browser type and language is saved so as to keep track of discipline and the number of users.
  • As we have our connections via web-based networking media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and in the event that you login through any of them; data to be saved will be just your email address, full name and a connection to the profile. We don't meddle with your associations or post any thing showing your activity at our live chat.

Free Voice & Video Chat

Excessively inquisitive, making it impossible to know who is on the flip side, we enable you to spill the beans, furnishing with voice call included with alternate users who too are intrigued to converse with you. Besides making it simpler to be in contact with the user to state, hi, hello or an eternal bye. It is as simple as 123 to start a voice and video chat with other chatters in our online chat rooms. We don't charge anything! all our voice and video chat services are free!

HHB - Better Than Other Online Chat Rooms!

Hihellobye chat is better than any other chat site as it is an ultimate definitive desi chat room where you will feel precisely like your own particular 'KHANDAN' where you discover individuals to simply annoy you for their amusement , jab you in the eyes, stomach or any conceivable place they would think that its satisfying, individuals to gossip with you and about you, yet in addition stand together with you spoiling you with their utmost affection and warmth at the time of your emotional need under the care of the Hihellobye team.

  • The owner and admins always value the users priorities and feedback/suggestions to make our services better as this online chat is for the users comfort and amusement.