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South Asian people from Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh are called as Desi people. The literal meaning of desi is local. Join the desi chat rooms if you want to have some desi tarka chat. Desi chat rooms for desi masala chat. Desi muslim chat room for Pakistani, Indian, UK, USA, Canada, and Asutralian desi people. Enjoy the desi power chat. All thechatters in desi rooms are from different countries. Thus, desi power chat provides you a multicultural platform to interact with people from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and ofcourse Pakistani and Indian people. If you are looking to hang around with desi muslim boys or girls then you are at the right place. Our desi muslim chat rooms are not only for Muslims but also for other Desi religions. Please be desi but do not act like a desi, you know what I mean. All the chatters are requested to have nice and decent chat. If you want to talk to only Pakistani or Indian chatters then please consider joining our Indian or Pakistani Chat rooms. If you are living in USA, UK, or Canada then join our English chat room or Arab chat room