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Punjabi is a spoken in both India and Pakistani Punjab. UK, Australia, Canada and USA has loads of Punjabi out there as well. The meaning of Punjab is five rivers. If you are looking for some cool mutyar (girls) or a handsome gabroo (boys) then you are at the right place. Punjabi chat rooms offer you a free online medium to communicate with other Punjabi people. Online Punjabi chat room for all the Punjabi people in India, Pakistan, UK, USA, Canada, and Australia Punjabi chat room. If you think Punjabi is bit difficult for you to understand then you may join our Urdu or Pakistani chat rooms. Lahore chat room also has plenty of Punjabi chatters but they also speak Urdu there. Please keep it simple and decent gossip area. Some people are born to bother others so do not take a second to say bye to them. We hope you will find nice decent and good friends here. You do not need to register for an account to use our free chat rooms.